Decorating 101

I am by no means a decorating expert, unless you consider having multiple boards on Pinterest titled “dream house” or “apartment goals” expert level. None the less as much as I love living in fantasyland and scrolling through images of kitchens and bedrooms I will probably never own I was motivated more than ever to make my new bedroom something of a fantasy and reality. There is a boutique in Pittsburgh, PA named No. 14 and their store is very small but the way they have it decorated is that out of a dream. They utilize these huge floral wall decals and they were my main inspiration for my newest endeavor.

I researched a few places for the wall decal and urban walls has some beautiful ones and semi reasonable but since I have an unhealthy addiction to amazon, I searched there to see if they had any. Alas, they did and for $60 cheaper and free shipping! Luckily for me, the ones on amazon also gave me my inspiration for how to display them. They had them pictured with a framed photo in the center of the wall and the flowers around it, this was of course featured in a baby room but we will just ignore that fact.

Once they arrived I figured I would “fake” hang them before sticking them officially onto the walls even though they are reusable and not completely permanent which is nice. So I taped them up and eventually we just sort of winged it based on how they looked. It took about 15-20 minutes so it was super easy and now I feel like I live in a room out of a Pinterest post!

You can also see that I added gray curtains which help pull all of the colors nicely together. You can so see that I have a slight obsession with pillows and they have completely taken over my bed! Another great addition to my room was a vanity – I have always wanted one and could never seem to find the right one but I went to IKEA for the first time ever – WOW – what an experience. They have pretty much everything and they way they display everything is so cool. The second I saw a vanity there, I knew I needed it. An added bonus is that you see the floral wall decals in the vanity mirror reflection and it just looks so chic.

This also brings me back to my next aspect of decorating- I need either a vanity stool or I was thinking a lucite chair (found one on amazon, of course!). I am in no rush because I want to find the perfect one and because they are pretty expensive despite how teeny they are! Feel free to comment what you think would go best there.

Xox, Annalee

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