Juice Cleanse 101

If I had a dollar for every time I said I was going on a cleanse, I would easily have a millionaire dollars. Okay probably not. But I wish. So today is the day. I binged on so much candy and chocolate this past week, my jeans no longer button and I am now mentally and physically ready for a cleanse.

I have never successfully gone a cleanse before except one time in high school when the lemon, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper drink was a thing. Mind you I would drink that and then continue to snack like no other. Hadn’t quite grasped the idea yet.

Since I am super lazy and do not have the energy or desire to make my own juice, I opted for going to Squeeze Juicery in Buffalo. They are an awesome locally own juice shop and everything is all super fresh and organic. This morning I bought 4 of the “Alive” juices (all of their juices and smoothies have catchy names mostly pertaining to well known songs).

Life can take youhigher than anyother kind of drug.

I am doing a three day cleanse so I consume 4 juices a day and then I have one meal for dinner, keeping it small and lean protein and veggies only. I honestly am not sure if I could handle three entire days of no eating. The idea actually scares me, I am sure I can do it but it would not be easy. My hope for this cleanse is to detox my body and mentally prepare myself to try out the Keto diet (don’t worry a post on that will follow).

Here is what squeeze juicery has to say about cleansing…

When you do a Squeeze juice cleanse, you flood your body with nutrients and give your digestive system a rest from solid food.  This allows your body to more easily flush out the bad and repair and rebuild damaged cells.

A healthy body and mind is what we all desire, and cleansing with pure cold-pressed juices packed with vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes is a great way to reset, restore and rebuild your health.

The potential benefits of doing a juice cleanse are limitless and include:

  1. Provide a pathway to a healthier lifestyle and a long-term commitment to better health
  2. Break out of poor dietary habits
  3. Reset your body
  4. Improve digestion and elimination
  5. Decrease gastrointestinal stress and bloating
  6. Increase natural energy
  7. Lower toxicity in your body
  8. Better sleep
  9. Strengthen your immune system
  10. Reduce inflammation
  11. Diminish allergies
  12. Improve appearance of skin, hair, and nails
  13. Invigorate metabolism
  14. Improve mental clarity

I am currently on day 1 and have had one juice so far. I am pretty hungry but I think it is mostly all mental. I just need to stay busy and make sure I drink enough water as well. For dinner I will eat some roasted veggies, probably brussels and then my favorite veggie burger from Morning star farms.

I’ll be back on day 3 to let you know how this all went. Prayers that I am still breathing by then.


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