Parisian Pharmacies 101


I apologize for my lack of posts – these last two months I was finalizing my move from Buffalo to California and finally have some free time to get back to blogging!

I was just in France with two of my good friends from college and we had such an incredible time. We visited Paris, Nice, and Bordeaux. It was my first time to France and I absolutely loved it. Once of my favorite parts was the pharmacies at almost every corner. French pharmacies are a little different then ours over here in the U.S, sure they sell medicine and toothpaste, but they also sell higher end skincare (a little less the price too) that we usually have to purchase at Sephora or department stores.

One of my absolute favorite skincare brands, Caudalie, comes from the heart of Bordeaux and the creators of the line created it on their families winery and estate in Bordeaux. They discovered that the vines and grapes held much more power than just becoming wine. Their secret is polyphenols and they have multiple patents in their skincare. It all started in 1993 and now they have a hotel and spa on their estate which is apparently incredible. We unfortunately did not have time to visit their so it gives me all the more reason to go back!

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 9.43.48 AM.png

So, being in the home of Caudalie, I made sure to stock up on my favorites and even branch out and try a few other things from them. I had actually purchased so much that they gave me a free gift with purchase! It consisted of a Caudalie makeup case with small travel items!

The des vignes (1)

I of course had to add in some of the nougat I purchased from Laduree since they matched the color ways so well. Don’t worry – I made sure to buy macarons as well. So good. Three of my all time favorite products are in this picture above us, Make-up removing cleansing oil, deep cleansing exfoliator, and the moisturizing mask.

Make-removing Cleansing Oil – NUMBER ONE it smells amazing. It has almond oil in it and I love the smell of almond oil. It is also super gentle on the eyes, I often times just do a few pumps in my hand and then rub all over my face, especially the eye area and it does not burn or irritate them at all. I think rinse with warm water and even the most stubborn makeup comes off!

Deep Cleansing Exfoliator – this is one of the greatest exfoliators. It is spa grade and really gritty, that being said you are sure to get all of the dead skin and built up grime on your face off. I have had this product used on me in multiple facials and it is so awesome that you are able to use it in your own home! It is perfect for clearing up your skin and prepping it for a clean slate. Your skincare will absorb into the skin better which will in turn give you better results with your face.

Moisturizing Mask – Caudalie makes three really great masks and it is super hard to pick a favorite but since I was traveling when I purchased this travel size mask, I chose the moisturizing because it is perfect for tired and dry skin. I will apply a thin layer of this mask before bed or before a flight and just leave it on. It leaves my skin super hydrated and looking super healthy afterwards.

The des vignes

The Des Vignes collection is another one of my favorites from Caudalie, the smell is absolutely incredible. It is not an over powering fragrance, very refreshing and sweet smell. It has notes of neroli, musk, a hint of ginger liqour, and infusion of jasmine and orange blossom. Shown above are their body care products. One that stood out that I had to buy was the body & hair nourishing oil, I had never seen it before and it is absolutely AMAZING. Perfect for the ends of your hair, you’ll smell it all day. Or do a little on your legs, arm and chest when you’re tan for a nice hydrating shimmer.

I am so excited to use all of the products. France was an incredible time and I am so happy I was able to experience it! Also, now that I am home there will be much more content heading your way.



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