Holly Sleeveless Sweater

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 This sleeveless sweater is designed for those who appreciate versatility and yearn for a stylish statement piece. The high turtleneck adds an element of timeless elegance, while the absence of sleeves lends a touch of modernity, making it the perfect transitional piece for any season.

What sets this sweater apart is its structured shoulders, adding a bold and architectural dimension to your look. The carefully crafted shoulders create a strong and confident silhouette, balancing the cozy comfort of the knit with a touch of tailored sophistication. 

Made from a high-quality blend of materials, this sweater is both soft to the touch and durable, ensuring comfortable and long-lasting wear. The absence of sleeves provides flexibility for layering, allowing you to pair it with your favorite blazers or jackets for a polished ensemble and your favorite sparkly earrings for a chic holiday look.


  • 50% Acrylic 50% Polyester
  • True to Size Fit
  • Annalee wears the Medium